ABC Analytics - Optimize your website and ABC profile

Your website is an important sales channel. And you keep investing in it. Not only in the design and maintenance of the site itself, but also in attracting visitors through campaigns, search engine optimization and social media. But do you know whether these investments yield enough? And are you using all opportunities to generate leads from your website?

Analytics helps you get the most from your ABC business profile or website!

  • ABC Analytics records all the visits to your website or ABC business profile
  • ABC Analytics shows the names and domiciles of visiting companies
  • Knowing which companies are interested in your services or products provides you with relevant leads
  • The system allows you to view the main keywords through which your company was found, making it easy to effectively optimise your ABC business profile or website.

With ABC Analytics you have insight in all the statistics your website. You can know the company names and locations of your visitors; you know who's interested in your products or services; how long visitors stay on the site and which pages each visitor viewed. This information can be available to your sales team so that the leads can be directly recognized and contacted.

ABC Analytics

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