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ABC Business Directories has been the market leader in national B2B business information for more than 65 years. Companies can find each other though the online ABC platform and be found by others based on their specific specialties. Thus ABC fills the existing need for quick access to adequate information about trade partners. 

 The ABC B2B database uses the latest technology and contains over 10 milion companies in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, active in the branches of trade and industry. It allows you to search for specific products and services and provides contact data, management details, financial information, activities, and the products and services. ABC makes it easy to find new customers and business partners, but more importantly: we guarantee that your company will be found easily as well! 

 An increasing number of suppliers and users of this information choose ABC because of its high degree of accuracy and ease of access to the latest data. ABC combines its thorough approach with respect for traditions. Changes will not be implemented unless they clearly fulfil a client's need and improve the quality of our services. Our internet site contains company profiles of reliable suppliers of products and services in the business to business market. The over 10 million B2B companies listed supply every product thinkable from A for appendages, anodes and axles to Z for zinc products, zippers and zoom lenses.

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