ABC Marketingtool: Find and export your leads!

ABC Marketingtool enables you to easily search for companies using our international company database. Access company information on over 12 million B2B Industry companies in 6 European countries online. With the available company data you can easily find new leads within your target group, search for specific suppliers and download marketing lists.

  • Access to 12 million companies in 6 European countries 
  • Easily download your Sales and Marketing lists
  • Highly targeted selection based on as many as 23 search criteria 
  • Option to view and print complete company profiles 
  • Option to export data to your own file 
  • Classification to international standards

B2B Database with complete national coverage

The updated version of the ABC Marketingtool is linked to the updated and re- structured B2B Database of ABC Business Directories . This database has national coverage of all B2B companies based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Austria.


In ABC B2B Database


<500,000 B2B companies


2 million B2B companies


4 million B2B companies


6 million B2B companies


50,000 B2B companies


500,000 B2B companies

In addition to general contact information, via the ABC Marketingtool you can download specific prospecting lists including email address, website, contactpersons , company activity, year of establishment, VAT number, number of employees, exclusive foreign representations and import and export activities of the company.
In short, a complete picture of more than 12 million companies !


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